The Moment We've Waited For...

Fellow Strider fans, it is with great pleasure that I bring you to all a very special announcement. Tonight, Kaijin has released Chapter 1 of the Strider Hiryu manga English translation. Tonight is the first night in Strider history that any sort of English translation of the manga has been released to the Strider fans in any form. For years it had seemed unlikely that we'd even get the manga translated at all, but with the hard work of our beloved staff member Kaijin, the manga has become a reality to English Strider fans. Read it or download it at the Strider Hiryu manga page.

I'd like to thank Kaijin and everyone else who helped in making this possible. That goes to all of the people who joined the project on the Citadel, and everyone else who helped contribute information. I'm extremely psyched. This is the greatest thing directly related to Strider to happen in a very long time. Keep on the lookout for more to come.

Posted by Kenny on Saturday, July 16, 2011 00:39 CDT

Strider Manga Update

Kaijin here. I've posted a small but important update on the Strider Hiryu manga page. If you can help me find the Comic Comp issue with the Strider Hiryu Gaiden story or if you know someone who could help me find this issue, it could help to benefit the Japanese tsunami relief effort. See the Strider Hiryu manga page for more details.

Posted by Kaijin on Sunday, June 19, 2011 13:49 CDT

I'm alive!

Hey, everyone! Sorry for the month of no updates. I should be able to do it more often now, since things are calming down.

So, E3 came again a few days ago. And went. No Strider news. Surprise, surprise. Capcom didn't really seem to have very much there from what I saw, actually.. The whole thing was a big disappointment to me. Oh well.

Another tidbit of not-news, or perhaps old not-news, was Capcom USA's Seth and Sven's comments about Strider. It was...nothing, really. Check the link out for yourself. Just a pretty much blow off answer.

On the interesting side, Rodrigo Shin pointed out that a poll is currently on Capcom Europe's website asking, “What franchise would you like to see rebooted?” As it turns out, Strider is on the list. And last time he checked, it was losing to Dino Crisis. Then again, it does say rebooting. I'd just be happy with an HD Remix at this point. If you're interested in voting on it, it's right in the link there, but you need an account there.

And the probably the best news I have for you is this: Strider Sombra has just updated his excellent Translation Thread. It is definitely worth a read. He's been translating official Strider material into English, providing us with some missing facts and information about the Strider story and Strider world. If anyone has any legit official Japanese manuals or the like that Sombra is missing, I'd be extremely grateful if you sent it his way. Thank you for your work, Sombra.

That's all for now. Like always, if you wanna discuss anything Strider, feel free to head on down to the Citadel.

Posted by Kenny on June 12, 2011 16:08 CDT

Strider 2 High Quality Rips!

I have received a generous email from one MaxBeta. He told me that he's working on a rip of the Strider 2 art scenes! He allowed me to host the rips here on the LSCM. They're much better quality than the ones already on the site. I'm going to have them uploaded to the Strider 2 section, but for now, here's the Photobucket album. The password is "STRIDER2".

Keep your eye on that if you're interested, because it's still being worked on. MaxBeta also said he's working on another Strider-related rip. Stay tuned! Thanks again, MaxBeta.

Posted by Kenny on May 8, 2011 16:16 CDT

Hello, everyone!

Greetings, everybody! Kenny here. Didn't post an update shortly after coming on. Sorry. Ran into some problems.

First off, I'm going to say that there's going to be some changes, but for the better. For one, I should be able to post more frequent than Scion was able to. This may not happen immediately, since school is nearing its end right now and I'm far behind due to being ill. But once I'm able to, you should see more updates. Not only because of me, but because of all of the staff, which brings me to my next point...

From now on, I will post updates not from only me, but from each member of the staff. This is as they get in contact with me. I don't know how often this will be, but it's something to look forward to! Some of the staff asked us for this, and me and Scion were completely cool with it. So stay tuned for updates from them!

In Moon Diver news, the Xbox 360 finally got a release date for May 4th! ...Old news. It's in two days. I tried. But something you may have missed was that Cubed3 recently interviewed Isuke. You can check that out here. Some of it is stuff we already know, but Isuke does reveal some interesting information.

I haven't gotten a chance to play Moon Diver yet, because I'm a 360 owner and I have a red ring right now. I'm really looking forward to it!

I believe that's about all for now. Hope everyone had a good Easter and good break for those it applies to.

Posted by Kenny on May 2, 2011 19:36 CDT

Fond Farewell

Well, the day's finally here. It's a bit later than I planned on, due to various unforseen circumstances, but it's here at last, regardless. Today the LSCM gets handed over to new management. I no longer have the time to run the LSCM, day to day. So... I'm handing that control over to Kenny and Lepa, who you might know as the creators of the Strider Citadel. Officially, Kenny will be the EIC, while Lepa will be the Otaku section editor, but since when you see one of them online you pretty much always see the other, I'm pretty sure it will be a collaborative thing.

The other staff will be staying on in their current positions. I've offered various promotions to various people, but from this point on, that kind of approval will be up to Kenny and Lepa. Its rare to find people with a passion for Strider on their level, and I have every confidence that they will do a fantastic job with the site. I'll still be around, in some capacity. I'll be paying the bills on the webspace and the domain name, so I'll be something like a newspaper's publisher. I'll be way in the background, though. My days of finding and posting bleeding-edge Strider news (such as it is) is pretty much over.

In fact, there's really only one thing left to do...

Thanks, everyone. It's been a great nine years. Thanks to all of your help and your support along the way, I've done things I never thought I'd be able to. And as a result, we got answers to some of the biggest lingering questions. It's been an amazing time, and I wouldn't have traded it for anything.

Keep those cypher blades sharp, everyone. I'll see you around.

Posted by Scion on April 17, 2011 16:33 CDT

Manga Scanlation Update

Kaijin has now completed his transcription of the Japanese text in the 1988 Strider Hiryu manga! He is offering this transcript for free to anyone who wants to translate it into a language other than English. If you would like to help with a translation project, please click the "Forum" link above and offer your services on the Citadel.

Also, there is one more thing. The Strider Hiryu manga was serialized in Comic Comp from May to October of 1988. There was also an additional chapter, a gaiden titled "Strider Prologue", that appeared in the December 1988 issue. Kadokawa Shoten did not include this chapter in the tankobon (trade paperback) that they published.

Kaijin would like to correct this oversight. However, it is incredibly difficult to find old copies of manga magazines. If you know of anyone who owns the December 1988 issue of Comic Comp, please contact him via the Citadel or his email address on our Contact page.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Only one week remains until Moon Diver drops on PSN!

Posted by Scion on March 22, 2011 13:01 CDT

Moon Diver's Release Date! is reporting that Isuke's new game, Moon Diver (formerly called Necromachina), will be making its way to PSN on March 29! (UPDATE: also Joystiq.) Whether the recent earthquake in Japan will be delaying this game once more remains to be seen, but nevertheless, this has been a long time coming, for Strider fans. Be there!

Also, Square-Enix's DLG division has a rather odd two-part interview with Isuke up on their Facebook page. Click here for part 1 and here for part 2. Enjoy!

Posted by Scion on March 13, 2011 18:57 CDT

Manga Scanlation Update

Over the years, many people have attempted to translate and/or scanlate the 1988 Kadokawa Shoten Strider Hiryu manga. Thus far, every attempt has fallen flat on its face.

Well, screw all that.

Today, the LSCM is pleased to introduce our new staff member, Kaijin! You may know Kaijin's work from his cold-cast Hiryu statuettes:

Kaijin is now the editor of the LSCM's manga section, linked above. He is scanlating the entire thing himself. At the moment, he is transcribing the Japanese text a page at a time, and is up to page 70. The LSCM will be hosting Kaijin's scanlation when it is finished, and he will be uploading his completed pages to us directly.

Kaijin has also graciously offered to provide his transcription to those who want to translate the manga into a language other than English, when it is complete. If you're interested in beginning your own translation (or if you're just interested in seeing the manga in English), stop by the Citadel and drop him a message.

Posted by Scion on March 13, 2011 17:41 CDT

Back In The Ring To Take Another Swing

...aaaaaand we're back! Again! My host decided to switch servers on me, disabling all our FTP logins in the process. It took a while, but we're back in business now. Here's a few of the news bits we missed:

That's all we've got for ya, for now. My daughter was born this past weekend, so I'll be pretty busy. However, expect some more frequent updates from the rest of the staff, now that our logins are working again. Peace.

Posted by Scion on March 11, 2011 15:56 CST

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